Waters Corporation (NYSE: WAT) has launched the new System Xevo TQ Absolute. The new System Xevo TQ Absolute is the most sensitive and compact benchtop tandem mass spectrometer in its class. The Xevo TQ Absolute was meant for laboratories that need industry-leading quantitative sensitivity, precision, reproducibility, efficiency, and sustainability.

The Xevo TQ Absolute was designed with consistency and reproducibility in mind. It enables laboratories to retain performance and availability for longer periods between standard cleaning and maintenance intervals. New guidance for optimal probe positioning that enhances sensitivity and durability, as well as source shielding that helps limit source contamination by sample matrix or salts in the mobile phase, support this.

Furthermore, the Xevo TQ Absolute is intended to assist pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and environmental analysis laboratories in meeting regulatory requirements for trace-level quantitative mass spectrometry analysis in a variety of applications. Waters uses the Xevo TQ Absolute mass spectrometer in conjunction with their ACQUITY Premier UPLC System, which has MaxPeak HPS technology, which inhibits non-specific adsorption of chemicals with phosphate and/or carboxylate groups and increases recovery.

Additionally, the Xevo TQ Absolute is suitable with Waters MassLynx mass spectrometry software and is tailored for use with the waters connect software platform. The MS Quan app on waters connect, with its unique Exception Focused Examine (XFR) function, enables researchers to reduce the time it takes to review the results of large numbers of samples or quantify hundreds of small molecule components and contaminants in a single run.