Voya Financial, inc. (NYSE: VOYA) took an exceptional step for the retirement plan participants. The firm has introduced a “Retiree Menu” for participants within the ABA Retirement Funds Program. Voya and ABA program both collaborated to offer new attracting opportunities to the members who are nearing their retirement or who have retired.

The firm has introduced the “Retiree Menu” at a very crucial time when a large portion of Americans are having this view that the long-term view for their investments is very crucial. Nearly 94% of the Americans are believing that the investment plan is necessary which provides them benefits in the long-run and the new Menu of the firm is beneficial for all the people.

The new “Retiree Menu” of the firm will work like its name it will provide a list of opportunities to the people who have retired or about to retire that they can select from the list and invest their money. Those investment options are aligned to the people’s goals such as increasing their account balance and securing their capital.

Voya Financial and Program both will also provide the “’ Retiree Toolbox” to the people. This Toolbox will aid people in securing their investment for the future. The tool not only provides the various tools to the people but also offers the resources to the people. This Toolbox will provide them retirement planning guide and additional retirement education as well as social security guidance to the members.

The Retiree Menu also offers the members to remain within the Program’s retirement savings plan offering. It offer availability to custom investment solutions to those who are about to retire or who have retired the same funding options and eloquent tools and capitals that they have been familiarized to during their employed years.