VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) disclosed that it has joined hands with Virgin Media O2 UK to modernize its network and allow the success of its 5G implementation. The Virgin Media O2 will use VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure to design, create, test, and integrate virtualized network functions quickly, improving network innovation and new service delivery. Over the last 16 months, the partnership has supported the deployment of Virgin Media O2's 5G network.

Virgin Media O2 will also use VMware Tanzu for Telco's Kubernetes cluster capabilities to improve Containers as a Service (CaaS) expertise. This will allow Virgin Media O2 to retain and increase the network's capabilities to handle multi-vendor solutions, as well as support the next generation of containerized network functions.

Furthermore, Virgin Media O2 can streamline, expand, and adequately defend its core cloud networks with VMware's Telco Cloud Infrastructure, which provides a single horizontal platform. The viability of Virgin Media O2's 5G network depends on having a dependable, flexible network that can be rapidly upgraded to maintain coverage quality, especially in highly governed and aggressive regions.

Additionally, Virgin Media O2 commented that virtualizing and revamping its network is critical if it can strengthen its position as the leading telecom provider across the UK and EU. Moreover, the company is happy to collaborate with VMware to accomplish this. It can reinvest in the network and provide its consumers with a service it can be proud of by using a unified, NFV and cloud-native platform for onboarding and administering its workloads and network operations.

VMware stated that as the 5G network rollout nears completion, service providers must be able to upgrade their network infrastructure fast, easily, and affordably. The ideal approach to do this is to use a single platform that can simplify and optimize the delivery of multi-vendor network operations. By using the speed, adaptability, and uniformity of a common platform, Virgin Media O2 can construct a network infrastructure that supports the effective launch of its 5G services without constraints.