Velodyne Lidar, Inc. (NASDAQ: VLDR) disclosed that it has inked a multi-year sales agreement with Renu Robotics. The firm has signed the agreement to offer its Puck lidar sensors to Renu Robotics. The firm has revealed that Renu Robotics has decided after careful consideration that Puck is a better fit for their firm.

In a competitive product review, Renu has uncovered that VLDR’s Puck is designed based on superior quality, consistency, and performance, including substantially less system interference for the best possible positional accuracy. Renu has also witnessed that VLDR’s sensors are highly effective in power consumption, which expands the range of Renubot and improves its sustainability features.

Distinctive Features of Velodyne Puck Sensor

If we look at the distinctive features of the Velodyne Puck sensor, it offers rich 3D computer perception data that enable real-time localization, mapping, object recognition, categorization, and tracing to assist safe navigation and trustworthy operation.

Moreover, it is a small, compact lidar sensor that provides a 100-meter range. Its trustworthiness, power efficiency, and edge view make it the perfect solution for cheap low-speed independence applications.

Additionally, as per the agreement, Renubot is laced with Puck sensors for a safe, effective high-precision navigation system and to prevent barriers when performing utility-scale vegetation management.