United Parcel Service, Inc. (NYSE: UPS) has inked an agreement for the acquisition of a technology platform that allows local same-day delivery with operations throughout the U.S, Roadie. The leading technology of Roadie when consolidated with UPS’s portfolio, will bring new growth opportunities.

The technology platform of Roadie will also offer opportunities to enhance current and potentially add additional, UPS small package capabilities. The Roadie technology platform is purpose-built to link merchants and consumers with contract drivers to allow efficient and scalable same-day local delivery services nationwide.

In addition to this, Roadie often offers service for shipments not consistent with the UPS network because of their size and perishable nature, and often because they are in shopping bags without the packaging needed to move through the UPS system. The transaction is likely to execute in the fourth quarter of 2021.

After the execution of the purchase agreement, Roadie will work with the same name, offering the same great service to its customers. UPS package car drivers will continue to dispatch packages within the UPS network. Goods shipped by Roadie will not cross into the UPS network and packages shipped in the UPS network will not cross into the Roadie network.