uCloudlink Group Inc. (NASDAQ: UCL) revealed that it has decided to extend its partnership agreement with one of the prominent social media players of China. The firm has entered into a two-year enterprise cooperation agreement with China’s social media player. In accordance with the agreement, uCloudlink has agreed to offer top-quality reliable mobile network access for workers of the firm, both for use in their daily work at home and overseas.

Furthermore, UCL will also offer MBB terminal products and services to the social media giant. The benefit of this agreement with the social media giant is that UCL will be able to provide the staff with the ability of unlimited connection during their in-country and out of the country trips by utilizing the patented Cloud SIM technology while also lessening the cost of global roaming.

Employees who have jobs outside of their country or their city have experienced the cost increase and unreliable connectivity issues. But UCL has resolved these issues of employees by smartly boosting network coverage for MNOs and elevate their user experience faster and better allowing users to enjoy superior mobile connectivity across different regions.

uCloudlink has the ability to get data from a broad range of sources. Its services include backing SIM cards from suppliers and connecting to networks of various MNOs. The firm also provides the opportunity to corporations to detach employees from the customary SIM card when they travel, with the opportunity to buy data bundles through the GlocalMe Connect mobile application of uCloudlink.