Supreme Court has made a decision and stated that Uber Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: UBER) must rank its drivers as regular workers, not the self-employed service provider. As per the Supreme Court decision, thousands of Uber drivers are eligible to receive a minimum salary and vacation salary.

Uber stated that the decision of Britain’s Supreme Court only linked to the few of its workers and it would disclose the new rules as per the changes.  The Northern and Eastern Europe leader of UBER Jamie Heywood commented: “We honor the decision of SC which is related to the small number of drivers who have used the Uber app in 2016.”

The firm said that it had made significant changes to its app since 2016 when the case started. Uber Technologies is now facing claims for holiday pay and overdue national bare minimum salary.

Uber has been fighting in court that its drivers are not the regular employees of the firm and they are the self-contractors. The drivers are not eligible for the basic rights of employment. The justices of the court stated that Uber supervised drivers in a certain number of ways.

UBER has full control over the fares, and drivers have no right to speak against the contract terms. Moreover, drivers have fewer constitutional rights to refuse the passengers' charges. Supreme Court concluded that UBER has full control over its drivers, so the drivers are eligible to receive the basic rights of workers.

Furthermore, the drivers have no opportunity to use their skills and abilities to earn the living. The only opportunity for the drivers of the UBER is to charge more fares and earn the living. Supreme Court decided that UBER will have to take into account its driver employees from when they log into the firm’s app till, they sign out, not just when they have a customer in their car. Drivers are eligible to get at least state minimum wage for those hours.