Uber Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: UBER) disclosed its plans that it is intending to reopen the offices at Mission Bay, San Francisco. The ride-hailing firm decided to reopen the offices with limited capacity. On March 29, 2021, offices will be reopened with 20% occupancy.

Furthermore, Uber has disclosed that it has provided a choice to the staff that they will come to the office voluntarily and the firm will not force them to return to work. UBER has previously disclosed its plan to extend the work-from-home policy until Sep 13.

Additionally, UBER has also instructed the staff to stay at home if they are sick or if their family members are sick. The ride-hailing firm has also provided the guidelines to the staff who will return to the office on March 29. Shares of UBER went up 2.51% as it gained +1.32 during the trading session of Thursday. The share of the firm has the last closing price of $53.89.

As per the guidelines of Uber, all the staff members are required to cover their faces with face masks. Furthermore, the staff is instructed to maintain a safe distance with their colleagues and clean their desks on regular basis to avoid any spread of disease.