Twist Bioscience Corporation (NASDAQ: TWST) disclosed that its NGS solution will be added to Berry Genomics’ offering. The latest offering will integrate the cutting-edge genomic and sequencing capabilities of Berry Genomic with the manufacturing ability of Twist Bioscience. Both the firms will combine their abilities to offer multiple NGS assays.

These new tools will provide a new solution to the researchers to diagnose cancer and other genetic diseases. Twist Bioscience has selected Berry Genome as its partner because of its reputation as the prominent NGS provider in China.  Berry has always been in the leading position to offer NGS-based tests for the successful insight of diseases within the Chinese population.

Twist Bioscience’s CEO stated that the firm is delighted to collaborate with Berry Genomics and the addition of its NGS solution to the work of Genomic. Furthermore, the unique factor of the NGS offering of TWST is the incomparable standardization as well as the QC available in all NGS panels.

Additionally, the new product(s) deliver the customers of Berry the top quality NGS panels, whilst enhancing the advancement of in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) panels that are intended exclusively to assist the high standards for precision medicine products in China. Twist Bioscience and Berry will collaborate to offer new and sophisticated NGS panels to be recognized as the identifier of inherited diseases.