TRxADE HEALTH, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEDS) disclosed Thursday that Bonum Health a Digital Healthcare business unit has inked a Telemedicine Service Distribution Deal with Big Y Pharmacy and Wellness Centers within their supermarkets in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Bonum Health will offer cheap telemedicine services to the sufferers of all Big Y pharmacies by providing Bonum Health's signature Mobile Health Services and prescriber program.

The program will be staffed by more than 600 board-certified medical providers. The collaboration also offers Big Y sufferers direct access to prescription discount savings through Bonum Health. The difference between unsecured and under-insured consumers throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut widens daily, and consumers are asking for easier access to inexpensive healthcare providers.

Shares of TRxADE HEALTH, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEDS) shares were trading up 29.82% as it gained 21.29 at the time of writing on Thursday. TRxADE HEALTH, Inc.'s share price went from a low point around $8.76 to briefly over $545.82 in the past 52 weeks, though shares have since pulled back to $21.29. MEDS market cap has remained high, reaching $40.01M at the time of writing.

Additionally, "Big Y wished to increase its digital healthcare offerings and to optimize its collaborative care network. Bonum Health is a strategic partner that aids MEDS expand its in-store and community digital healthcare services. Their mobile application allows a turn-key Telemedicine and Prescriptions Savings tool to flawlessly integrate into our Big Y pharmacies.