Trillium Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: TRIL) was a big gainer in yesterday’s trading session, and closed the day with gains of 93.96%. This came after the company announced progress on its TTI-621 and TTI-622 clinical programs.

The CEO, Jan Skvarka announced that, the company was through with its early dose findings and signal seeking part of the study. The study was the first phase of the intravenous study of TTI-621 at dosages of up to 0.5 mg/kg.  He added that, the program continually demonstrates single-agent activity over a range of hematologic malignancies. He added that, it demonstrated a strong tolerance profile.

On top of that, the CEO stated that, the company’s priority was now on the monotherapy dosage that was still in progress that would be pushed up under the revised thrombocytopenia revised DLT criteria. He stated that, they were now dosing at 1.0 mg/kg which is 5X the dose levels that were observed initially in a single-dose activity. He added that, once they had defined the maximum tolerated dose, they will push TTI-621 into combinations with other agents. This is for larger indications with high levels of unmet needs such as peripheral T-Cell lymphoma (PTCL), acute myeloid leukemia/myelodplastic syndromes among other oncological indications.

The Chief Medical Officer, Yaping Shou stated that, they were happy with the escalation in the lgG4-based agent, TTI-622. He added that, the company believed that, the clean binding profile on red blood cells gave TTI-622 a chance to possibly achieve top-class status in lgG4-based anti-CD47 molecules.

From its price action, TRIL is still in an uptrend. In yesterday’s session, it opened the day at $1.60 and traded between a low of $1.57 and a high of $3.43, before closing the day at $2.89. Volumes in the day stood at 54.04 million.

About Trillium Therapeutics Inc

Trillium Therapeutics Inc is a biopharma company that develops cancer treatments. It is based in Mississauga, Canada.