T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) has disclosed that it has entered into a 5-year agreement with Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC). This 5-year multi-billion-dollar deal will make the nationwide 5G network of T-Mobile more powerful. The telecom firm is endeavoring to enhance the customer’s experience by extending its 5G Network for better coverage.

Previously, T-Mobile has introduced the first nationwide individual 5G network. T-Mobile is already considered to be the leader in 5G technology and a prominent provider of 5G services in America. The firm is also aiming to add innovative technological features to its 5G network, such as voice over 5G (VoNR), network slicing, and huge multi-user MIMO.

Shares of T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) plunged 0.15% during the trading session of Wednesday. In the past 52-weeks of trading, this firm's share went from a low point around $63.50 to briefly over $135.54. Its shares moved up 102.36% from its 52-weeks low and moved down -5.19% from its 52-weeks high.

Looking at its profitability, it as return on investment, equity, and assets is 7.90%, 6.60%, and 2.20%, respectively. Its Gross Margin is 60.40%, Profit Margin is 5.10% and Operating Margin is 10.30%. T-Mobile's US market cap has remained high, hitting $157.28 billion at the time of writing.

T-Mobile already has a long 5G network in the country and now its deals with other services providers better enhance the experience of its customers. The contract with ERIC and NOK will help TMUS to add still more 5G coverage, capacity, speed, and sophisticated technical abilities throughout its spectrum bands.  It has been disclosed that to support the 5G Network of the firm, Nokia will provide its AirScale radio access solutions plus macro and small cells across low, mid-band, and mmWave spectrum.