Suzano S.A. (NYSE: SUZ) witnessed a record financial performance in 2021. The company has dropped the 2021 Annual Report and also announced the launch of a revitalized Sustainability Center. Despite the epidemic disrupting people's lives and work habits, Suzano was able to deliver its best financial performance in company history and make substantial progress on key strategic initiatives. Suzano's 15 long-term 2030 sustainability targets, known as the Commitments, to Renewing Life, have also made 2021 a watershed year for the company.

The company has started the Cerrado Project, the largest single-line pulp mill in the world, which will be fully functional in 2024. It has also launched a joint venture with Spinnova to solely produce 100% renewable textiles from the pulp. The company has witnessed a surge in Net sales by 34%.

It has recorded an Adjusted EBITDA surge of 57% and Net Income of R$ 8.6bn. Moreover, it has witnessed a combined successful issue of US$ 1.5bn of sustainability-linked bonds. In addition, Suzano has emphasized on the pledge to eliminate 40 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere from 2030 to 2025. It has also pledged to link 500,000 hectares for biodiversity conservation by 2030.

The 2021 Annual Report follows international best practices in integrated sustainability reporting, such as the GRI, SASB, and TCFD standards. Bureau Veritas provided external assurance on the content. Gonzalo Muoz, Chile's UN High-Level Climate Champion for COP25, and Andreia Coutinho, a notable racial, social, and climate justice specialist in Brazil, have also examined it.

In 2021, Suzano has achieved outstanding success. The company believed that successful firms are those who can find synergy between efficiency, sustainability, and transformation. It knows that its planted trees and the preservation of native forests may both help to solve the climate challenge. The company also wishes to encourage the use of biobased materials to replace nonrenewable resources. For that purpose, it will create and promote new goods that are designed to be sustainable while also providing high levels of performance and competitiveness.