Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT) today declared that its SocketScan S550 Contactless Reader has won the Google Wallet Certification. SCKT has created this contactless reader to satisfy the demands of customers by granting them memberships, loyalty cards, etc. Socket Mobile is a member of the Smart Tap Partner Program of Google.

Mobile passes are stored in the Google Pay Wallet along with payment and transit cards in this Smart Tap Partner Program. These passes use NFC technology to offer a safe transaction. When used with a merchant application designed using Socket’s SDK, the S550 automatically picks the mobile pass of retailers from the Google wallet of consumers. The consumer begins the pass by tapping their phone on the S550.

Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT) has seen some recent volatility in the market and its stock was last quoted at $2.8900 yesterday. Traders are starting to take interest in SCKT as the stock traded as high as $3.0500 and as low as $2.7500 in the prior market trading session.

Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT) average trading volume is 3.43M. However, in the prior market trading session Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT) traded 21,113,199 shares. The 1st support level on SCKT is $2.79 and the 1st resistance level on SCKT is $3.82. SCKT 50-day moving average is $1.9408 and SCKT 200 day moving average is $1.5426.

Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT) most recent performance has been indicated by the recent movement in SCKT stock. SCKT has performed 100.28% over the past 4 weeks, SCKT has performed 85.26% over the past 3 months and SCKT has shown 66.09% over the past 365 days. Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT) has a 12 month range of $0.7600 to $4.5000. Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT) is trading 280.26% from its 12 month low and -35.78% from its 12 month high. Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT) is indicating a 20.62% short float indicating the amount short in the float.

SCKT has 6.01M shares outstanding and 4.74M shares in the float. Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT) at this time has a market cap of $18.18M and an income of -0.40M. . The market cap of Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT) at $18.18M represents how many Traders own shares of SCKT and is based off the last price ($2.8900) of SCKT and the amount of shares outstanding (6.01M) with Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT).

Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT) has total cash (mrq) of 1.77M, total cash per share (mrq) of 0.29, total debt of SCKT is at 3.35M and total debt/equity (mrq) is 25.24. . Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT) .

SCKT is trading 18.63% above (bullish) its SMA20, 65.21% above (bullish) its SMA50 and 95.85% above (bullish) its SMA200.