SilverSun Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSNT) revealed that it has decided to purchase CT-Solution, Inc. The firm’s fully-owned unit SWK Technologies, Inc. has signed a letter of intent to buy CT Solution. CT-Solution has deployed technology applications at leading producers, suppliers, and specialized service corporations throughout the Midwest for the past 20 years.

The unit of SilverSun, SWK Technologies has gained a reputation as the biggest sage business partner in North America. The purchase decision of CT-Solution will reinforce the position of SWK and strengthen its geographic position and grow its customer base. It has been disclosed that the deal will be executed in the Q2 of 2021. The execution of acquisition is based on the signing of a conclusive deal between two firms.

CEO of SSNT and SWK commented: “SWK and CT have earlier teamed up for many time and both have compatible businesses. Our corporation has been actively involved with the CT clients for quite a while, and we are thrilled to now have the chance to assist them with their digital revolution as they drift to the cloud, safeguard their data, work distantly, and computerize their business practices.”

Furthermore, CT President commented: “Both the firms have earlier worked together and have complete knowledge about their businesses. The customer-centric and business culture of SWK is similar to SWK which made both of them a perfect match. Both the corporations will work together and avail the new emerging opportunities to grow their businesses.”