PolarityTE, Inc. (NASDAQ: PTE) confirmed that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently issued a Notice of Allowance for U.S. Application submitted on May 21, 2021. This is the Company's fourth patent allowance in the United States. The newly granted claims are for arrangements involving Company's slightly polarized functional unit (MPFU) technology coupled with cryoprotectant.

PolarityTE revealed that it recognizes the value of the intellectual property. The company is striving to establish a patent portfolio that will safeguard its regenerative tissue technology, which is contained in SkinTE. As it attempts to build shareholder value through its unique technology and intellectual property, safeguarding this technology goes hand in hand with its efforts to promote authorization of SkinTE through the first of two Phase 3 clinical investigations it is about to begin.

Furthermore, the VP of Intellectual Property believed that this approval represents an important step forward in the Company's patent portfolio development in the United States. Following biologics patenting norms, the Company will decide to seek patent protection for its MPFU technology in the United States.

Moreover, additional patent applications linked to the Company's regeneration technologies, including SkinTE, are being pursued in the United States and elsewhere. Share of PolarityTE surged 4% and the firm has gained +0.02 at the time of writing on Thursday.