NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) disclosed that a hacking group that penetrated Nvidia servers last month is allegedly trying to sell software that could unlock crypto mining hash rate limiters on the firm’s flagship graphics cards. NVIDIA confirmed that the hacker gang is also seeking to extort money from Nvidia by demanding that the limitation be removed from all RTX 3000 series cards and that drivers be made open-source. The corporation has been given until March 4 to decide.

Previously, in late February, a South American hacking organization known as LAPSUS$ claimed to have grabbed a terabyte of data from Nvidia servers. The company is now selling software in the form of a customized driver that will allow users to bypass the company's high-end graphics card limiters.

Furthermore, the leak involves source code and extremely confidential data from various portions of Nvidia GPU driver, Falcon, LHR, and similar. LHR stands for "Lite Hash Rate," a limiting that the business implemented in 2021 to de-tune their GPUs to prevent crypto miners from buying up all of them, leaving some for the company's primary market of PC gamers.

Additionally, the company disclosed in a statement that the threat hackers acquired employee credentials and certain Nvidia sensitive material from its systems and has begun publishing it online. Nvidia confirmed that its team has started analyzing the situation. Moreover, as a result of the event, the company does not expect any impact on its operations or its ability to service its clients.