Nokia Corporation (NYSE: NOK) has inked a 5-year deal with AT&T (NYSE: T). Both the firm will cooperate to implement the mobile operator’s C-Band network in parts of the U.S. By implementing 5G in the C-Band spectrum with NOK, AT&T will be able to offer sophisticated 5G services with the right combination of reporting and capability.

It has been disclosed that the initial phase of the C-Band auction launched up to 280 MHz of spectrum with 100 MHz of spectrum accessible for 5G operations by the end of this year. The C-band portfolio of Nokia will provide support to both 5G individual (SA) networks and non-individual (NSA) networks, cloud-based deployments, and Open RAN products, delivering AT&T with a flexible approach for its 5G implementation.

The C-Band RAN technology of NOK will collaborate with the current Nokia LTE RAN apparatus used by AT&T for a strong user experience. ‘Mid-band’ C-Band spectrum offers an appropriate balance of both power and exposure, while also enabling rapid 5G launch and fast roll-out of services which is important in all markets.

President of Nokia North America commented: “Nokia is gearing up to provide support for the roll-out of 5G services into this valuable new spectrum on our clients’ timelines by utilizing its powerful range of C-Band solutions and stays the first one to show a live C-Band network in the U.S. in 2020.”