Nokia Corporation (NYSE: NOK) disclosed that it has secured a 5G deal with DITO. The firm has been chosen by DITO Telecommunity Corporation (DITO) to install 5G services on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It has been disclosed that this implementation will allow DITO to execute its large-scale strategy of developing a high-quality 5G network across the country, which was officially inaugurated in May 2021.

Furthermore, after inking this deal Nokia will be able to help DITO in offering 5G services to its clients with improved speeds, capacity, and lower potentials while decreasing difficulty and cutting down costs through improved energy proficiencies. Shares of Nokia Corporation plunged -1.20% at $4.94 during the pre-market trading session of Friday.

In addition to this, Nokia is also offering equipment from its wide-ranging enormous MIMO, multi-band, Single RAN AirScale portfolio to create the Radio Access Network (RAN) for the 5G infrastructure across Mindanao, the Philippines’ second largest island to get the needed network performance.

Nokia has been an active 4G LTE radio partner since 2020. DITO has gained recognition as a joint venture between Udenna Group and China Telecom. It is the newest telecommunications offeror in the Philippines and is practicing a strategy of establishing a new network in the country.

Moreover, after the agreement DITO will also use the NetAct solution for network management of Nokia and flawless daily network operations, involving configuration management, supervising, and software management. Nokia also offered digital design and implementation for a speedier time to market as well as enhancement and technical support services.