Nokia Corporation (NYSE: NOK) and Daimler have disclosed that they both have inked a patent licensing agreement. As per the agreement, Nokia authorizes mobile telecommunications technology to Daimler and obtains payment in return. The parties have arranged to resolve all pending legal action between Daimler and Nokia.

The pending legal process includes the objection by Daimler against Nokia to the European Commission. Both the firms have not disclosed the terms of the agreement yet. Nokia has gained recognition as the provider of technology that assists the world in working properly.

Furthermore, Nokia disclosed that it has partnered with systems integrator, NetNordic. Both the firms have inked a frame agreement with Equinor. The duration of the frame agreement between two firms is eight-year. It includes hardware, software, design, radio planning, deployment, and backing.

Additionally, as per the deal, the private LTE network will be mounted this summer at Dudgeon and Sheringham Shoal windfarms, situated in the UK and both ran by Equinor.  The Nokia DAC solution includes the Nokia 4.9G LTE and 5G Radio Access Network technology and Nokia Industrial devices. The solution also comprises a large range of access points both for indoor and outdoor coverage, and an edge solution with a comprehensive packet core and application framework for edge computing.