Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: NEPT) revealed on Tuesday that it has been awarded the license amendment by Health Canada which enables the firm to sell dried cannabis flower and pre-rolled cannabis in the Canadian recreational market. The firm is currently involved in the supply of top-quality cannabis products under its brands PanHash and Mood Ring.

Furthermore, it has been disclosed that the license amendment will allow the firm to get the benefit of the trusted partnerships across its supply chain to buy unique cultivars. The dried flower of the firm will be carefully chosen and curated by an award-winning cannabis sommelier, and then hand-wrapped in top-quality packaging.

Shares of Neptune Wellness went up 2.60% as it gained +0.04 during the pre-market trading session of Tuesday. The shares of the firm were plunged 4.94% during the trading session of Monday. In the past 52-weeks of trading, the share of the firm went up to $1.00 and $3.60 from its 52-week low and high range. Neptune Wellness's total market capitalization has stayed high, reaching the height of $254.86 million at the time of writing.

Neptune disclosed that it is very excited to meet the demands of Canadian consumers by providing them recreational cannabis. The firm is delighted to bring the top-quality cannabis flower products that are marketed to protect their quality and profile.