Motus GI Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOTS) declared that FDA has provided the green signal to the firm for the marketing of the Pure-Vu System. Pure-Vu is well-suited with gastroscopes utilize during upper gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy methods to remove blood, blood clots, and debris to offer a clear field-of-view for the endoscopist.

Furthermore, this patented technology is the sophisticated invention for the Pure-Vu System platform that is explicitly intended to integrate with therapeutic gastroscopes to facilitate secure and speedy cleansing during the procedure, while maintaining reputable technical workflow and techniques.

As per the iData Research Inc, Upper GI bleeds happened in the U.S. at a rate of nearly 400,000 cases per year in 2019. The existence of blood and blood clots in these sufferers can damage a physician’s viewpoint, making it problematic to recognize the bleed source.

CEO of Motus GI disclosed that it is delighted to get FDA green signal for the Pure-Vu System. It is now well-matched with gastroscopes to offer improved visibility during upper GI endoscopies.

This is the greatest achievement of the firm as this authorization will further vast its ability to contribute to a larger percentage of methods executed by its important customers. It will offer the firm a natural extension of its commercial strategy. The firm has also disclosed that it has got positive feedback from top physicians who demonstrate their view that there is a considerable unfulfilled need in this area, especially for Upper GI Bleed procedures.