American professional basketball player Lebron James reportedly submitted four NFT-related trademark applications. The four trademark applications of a basketball player include “LEBRON JAMES”, “LEBRON”, “CHOSEN1”, and “KING JAMES”. The filing of these applications demonstrates the plan of Lebron to jump into the metaverse bandwagon.

The basketball player is planning to offer non-fungible tokens containing a variety of virtual items, according to the trademark application. Footwear, sports equipment, apparel, home goods, and much more are among the virtual goods available. James also intends to create several virtual experiences for metaverse users to explore.

Furthermore, users will be able to participate in virtual basketball experiences such as virtual basketball courts, gyms, and more. They will be able to play sports in the metaverse thanks to these virtual experiences. Trademark lawyer Michael Kondoudis, who tracks Metaverse and NFT trademark filings, had shared the news of James' filings.

The four trademark applications were filed after the basketball phenom's recent appearance in's SuperBowl commercial. The commercial depicts a youthful LeBron James on the cusp of making the life-altering decision to leave college and pursue a career in the NBA. He was followed by his older self, who advised him to call his shots at all times.

About NFTs

NFTs are digital assets that depict real-world elements like art, music, in-game items, and films. They're bought and traded online, often using cryptocurrency, and they're usually encoded with the same software as many other cryptos. Even though they've been there since 2014, NFTs are gaining popularity currently as a popular means to acquire and sell digital artwork. Since November 2017, a whopping $174 million has been spent on NFTs.