KULR Technologies Group Inc. (AMEX: KULR) disclosed on Wednesday that it has got a special permit from the U.S Department of Transportation (DoT). DoT permitted commerce transportation of damaged, defective, or recalled (DDR) lithium-ion cells, batteries, or lithium metal cells included in or packed with KULR's patented Thermal Runaway Shield (TRS) packaging.

The allowing of the recent DDR special authorization underscores an important strategic step for KULR as it is striving to push its Thermal Runaway Shield as a unified design solution offering total battery safety for more efficient battery systems, enhanced sustainability, and end of life battery management.

Furthermore, several government authorities have tested the solution of the firm to halt or alleviate the effects of dangerous lithium-ion battery failures known as thermal runaway which can happen during the transportation of batteries. This is the third permit to the firm in three months. This authorization corroborates the commercial and controlling feasibility of its passive propagation resistant (PPR) solution.

Previously, in 2019 the firm has offered NASA a solution to safeguard laptop computer battery packs aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Moreover, the latest authorization was issued as DOT-SP 21193, was awarded on July 23rd, 2021.

Furthermore, it has been disclosed by Consumer Product Safety Commission that design solutions of KULR could halt fires and explosions in lithium-ion battery packs. The commission also presented extra understandings of the future of safe battery technology.