KKR & Co, Inc. (NYSE: KKR) has declared the acquisition of Flow Control Group from Bertram Capital. Flow Control Group has garnered attention as a prominent distributor of mission-critical flow groups and industrial automation products.

Flow Control Group is currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It acted as a trusted advisor of more than 10, 000 customers and 2,000 suppliers in North America. Clients trust Flow Control Group for their business knowledge and experience, technical assistance, and service facilities for high-value goods involving air apparatus, pumps, taps, process management, and industrial mechanization, amongst other merchandise categories.

For the past 10 years, the team of KKR aimed to grow the business and reinforce its position by focusing on employee engagement. The foundation of the plan was to encourage all workers to take part in the benefits of ownership by giving them the ability to share alongside KKR in the equity return.

KKR also promotes employee participation through sharing control by providing adequate training across various functional areas and by engaging with the employees to support the community.

Furthermore, the advisors of KKR to this transaction are Kirkland & Ellis and the advisors to Bertram Capital are R.W. Baird and Hirschler. KKR disclosed that it is planning to invest through its Americas XII Fund.