iQIYI, Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ) introduced a new logo to commemorate its 12th anniversary 0n April 22. The company has reconfirmed its dedication to unlocking innovation, providing quality content, and providing a better user experience. Originally established in 2010, iQIYI was listed on NASDAQ as "IQ" on March 29, 2018.

iQIYI has built a global reputation over the years for its exceptional content quality, excellent user experience, and innovative business models, all of which are supported by the company's strong commitment to technological innovation. As the dominant force in China's online video industry, iQIYI is driving the expansion and transition of the entertainment business ecosystem by introducing a diverse IP ecosystem and delivering industry-leading innovation in film and television industrialization.

Furthermore, the new logo removes the border that surrounded the old logo as iQIYI progresses into the next phase of development. The organization believes that entertainment stimulates audiences by showcasing cutting-edge creative thinking and that breaking traditions and pushing limits is at the heart of technology and art.

Additionally, iQIYI's numerous accomplishments in recent years, such as the launch of theatre mode, multi-screen interaction, and virtual reality, all attest to the company's devotion to bringing new possibilities and improvements to consumers' lives. The new design, which uses a more simplified font, also emphasizes the company's commitment to integrating human intelligence with technology. The new logo's vivid, lighter green color conveys a youthful enthusiasm and symbolizes iQIYI's increased desire and eagerness for the future, as the firm prepares to enter the next chapter with its users.