IHS Markit Ltd. (NYSE: INFO) disclosed that it is planning to roll out the first global meta-registry focusing on offering transparency and effective surveillance, accounting, and trade life-cycle management of carbon credits. The Carbon Meta-Registry Advisory Board has been established with prominent experts from the general public and private sectors and NGOs.

Furthermore, The Advisory Board is responsible for guaranteeing the IHS Markit Meta-Registry offer on its objectives and fulfill the broader industry requirements. At the roll out the advisory board consisting of representatives from the Private sector, Programs/Standards, and NGOs/Industry Associations.

It has been disclosed that the World Bank will act as the observer on Advisory Board. The Meta-Registry adds the World Bank's Climate Warehouse program to create a public infrastructure required for the monitoring and broadcasting of carbon assets. Shares of HIS Markit rose 2.60% as it gained +2.36 during the trading session of Monday.

IHS Markit Meta-Registry utilized the distributed ledger technology which is designed to flawlessly establish a link between autonomous carbon markets and registry systems around the globe, lessening the danger that the credits are tallied or demanded twice in different markets or programs. The IHS Markit Meta-Registry is anticipated to unveil in early 2021.