Honeywell International Inc. (NASDAQ: HON) disclosed Monday that it has inked a collaboration agreement with the DRDO and with the CSIR–IIP. The firm has inked an agreement to provide molecular sieve adsorbents (zeolites) to speed up establishing Medical Oxygen Plants (MOP) in the state to tackle the current pandemic.

Furthermore, HON UOP has guaranteed a stock of adsorbents to allow the state to manufacture sufficient medical grade oxygen to fulfill the growing requirement on time. It has collaborated with DRDO and CISR-IIP and their affiliates to recognize and provide complementary adsorbents to enhance cost and simplify supply-related logistics without conceding output from plants.

In addition to this, Honeywell has also introduced a cross-functional team to back DRDO and CSIR-IIP in this crucial project. Scientists from Honeywell UOP, DRDO, and CSIR-IP are partnering to determine the appropriateness of absorbents for oxygen production in India.

Honeywell UOP has gained recognition as the innovator in the adsorbents industry. It has created the first commercially feasible adsorbent for medical oxygen applications more than 40 years ago. The technology allows adsorption of nitrogen from the air using a pressure or vacuum swing system to get oxygen purity up to 95%.

Moreover, Honeywell UOP has been a strong partner with both state-owned and private Indian companies to assist grow India's refining and petrochemicals sector while boosting competence and optimizing environmental performance and supervisory conformity.