Genprex Inc. (NASDAQ: GNPX) maintained upside momentum in yesterday’s session, and closed the day with gains of 23.44%. This came after news that, independent researchers had found the company’s TUSC2 to be a possible novel biomarker for treating thyroid cancer. The results found that, the overexpression of TUSC2 reduced thyroid cancer tumor metastasis. It was also shown to drive up sensitivity to apoptosis by pushing up cytochrome C and SMAC/DIABLO protein levels.

The study further noted that, there was a high chance that TUSC2 was effective in treating thyroid cancer and that, it adds to research on TUSC2 way beyond the non-small cell lung cancer treatment that the company was earlier looking into. The independent research was published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

The researchers also concluded that from their studies, TUSC2 has a negative association with the aggressiveness of thyroid cancer. As such, it could be a new target and biomarker for thyroid cancer treatment. They also stated that, thyroid carcinoma is one of the most prevalent endocrine cancers and takes different forms. They further noted that, anaplastic carcinoma is rare, but is one of the most dangerous subtypes.  People suffering from it usually exhibit increased neck mass, a high rate of metastases and a 95% mortality at only 6 months. On the other hand, papillary thyroid carcinoma is more common, but has good outcomes and is curable with radioiodine surgery and surgery.

Commenting on this research, Genprex CEO Rodney Varner stated that, the company is encouraged by the data conducted by different institutions on TUS2 that suggest it is helpful in treating multiple cancers.

From its price action, GNPX is in an uptrend. The stock opened the day at $1.57 and traded between a low of $1.37, and a high of $1.75 before closing the day at $1.75. Volumes in the day stood at 21.44 million.

About GenPrex Inc.

GenPrex Inc. is a gene therapy company that develops technologies for people suffering from cancer. It is based in Austin, Texas.