Genetron Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: GTH) revealed that it has inked a strategic partnership agreement with Shanghai Yikon Genomics Technology Co., Ltd. Yikon has gained recognition as the firm that centered around reproductive health diagnostic testing. Genetron Health anticipates this collaboration to contribute to its 2021 revenues.

As per the agreement, Yikon Genomics will enjoy the exclusive rights to use Genetron Health’s S5 instrument for reproductive health applications in the China market. Yikon Genomics now presents pre-pregnancy, prenatal, and inheritance disorder testing solutions for a network of over 400 hospital partners in China.

Furthermore, Genetron Health will also assist in Yikon Genomics’ marketing efforts. GENETRON S5 has been successfully used in many different oncology settings. Through this collaboration, the firm will be increasing its applications to include reproductive health, expanding the firm's scope of precision medicine.

Additionally, GENETRON S5 is China’s desktop, clinical-grade, medium-throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform. It is accepted by the NMPA in 2019 and is based on new semiconductor sequencing technology. Genetron Health has utilized this platform to develop in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) kits that contain multiple cancer types and different sample types, involving the 8-gene Lung Cancer (Tissue) assay.