Fusion Fuel Green PLC (NASDAQ: HTOO) disclosed that it has initiated a MoU with Magnesitas De Rubian, S.A. Both the firms will combine their forces to search the possibility of merging green hydrogen and carbon trapping technology to lessen the carbon concentration of mining functions and processing.

This collaboration aims to speed up the climate impartiality of mining activity and create new mining solutions built on zero-emissions hydrogen. As per the MoU, Fusion Fuel will be able to deliver 20,000 tons of green hydrogen yearly following the installation of more than 10’000 HEVO-SOLAR units at Magnesitas’ site in Lugo, Spain.

Furthermore, the firm has disclosed that the few parts of the yield would be used to create industrial heat in the Magnesitas’ natural gas/hydrogen combi furnaces, while the rest would be merged with 125’000 tons of CO2 stored by Magnesitas De Rubian to yield between 38’000 and 45’000 tons of synthetic fuels yearly.

In the effort of the energy transition, the main area of focus is the Mining sector. It has been uncovered that the mining operations are solely accountable for nearly 1% of total greenhouse gas emissions internationally and are a major accelerator of global primary energy expenditure. To lessen the carbon concentration of the mining sector the important step is to use green hydrogen to generate industrial heat and manufacture synthetic fuels using stored carbon.

HTOO is delighted to join Magnesitas de Rubian in its decarbonization journey. Both the firms will collaborate to bring new solutions to lessen the carbon footprint of the mining sector. HTOO is considering Spain as an excellent market for its technology. HTOO disclosed that this project is in line with its mission of providing the world with sophisticated and cost-driven green hydrogen solutions to speed up the energy transition.