Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F] has revealed that US Justice Department, California has ended the inquiry into the No. 2 U.S. automaker’s emissions accreditation procedure without taking any step. US-based auto manufacturer declared that assessments by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency & Environment and Climate Change Canada continue.

In April 2019, Ford first discovered the illegal inquiry and previously appointed outside law firm Sidley Austin and professionals to examine its vehicle fuel economy and assessment processes after workers voiced fears about damage detection that is part of its method of engine performance and emissions enforcement.

Shares of Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F] went up 1.23% at $11.51 during the trading session of Friday. The firm has reported a trading volume of 112.71 million as compared to its average volume of 77.94 million. Looking at its 52-week low and high range, the firm’s share has changed between the low range of $3.96 and a high range of $12.15. This firm has a total market capitalization of 45.79 billion at the time of writing.

Ford disclosed on Friday that the "execution" was in line with the firm’s inquiry and the finding that the firm had properly finalized its authorization procedure. Ford has not revealed the data it has found after conducting its investigation.

Earlier, F has faced a complaint from owners who allege that Ford swindled on its fuel economy testing on some of its top and the most sought-after trucks and said the problem involved over a million Ford truck vendors.

The complaint claimed that the autonomous testing led on Ford F-150 and Ford Ranger vehicles has reaffirmed the fears of both clients and Ford’s workers. F did not abide by the relevant coast down testing processes. The firm has instead issued incorrect resistance statistics to boost the MPG Rating of its F-150 and Ranger vehicles.