Fluence Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLNC) and Pexapark have signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement. The partnership aims at offering customers a powerful combination of insights mandatory to navigate and lead through the clean energy transition. Fluence and Pexapark have teamed up to bring together unique insights that will aid investors, independent power producers (IPPs), and consumers in making smarter decisions.

As per the strategic partnership, Fluence's customers will have access to Pexapark's range of analytical tools and services. These tools are designed to streamline the complexity of energy transactions by delivering greater price transparency and risk management, as well as assisting industry players on their journey from project planning to long-term operations.

Additionally, Fluence disclosed that the strategic partnership with Pexapark is another major accomplishment for the company. Fluence has the ambition to develop a unique ecosystem that changes the way its customers power the world. It is expanding this ecosystem, including third-party technology solutions, with its products, services, and digital applications for renewables and storage.

Furthermore, this collaboration with Pexapark will boost greater investment in and implementation of clean energy generation and battery-based energy storage projects on the grid. Both the firms will join the forces to use their digital solutions to promote the global clean energy transition. Moreover, through this partnership, Pexapark’s unique market knowledge and data will be combined with Fluence’s fleet of 3.6 GW of battery-based storage solutions deployed or contracted to offer real-world operational insights.