Five9, Inc. (NASDAQ: FIVN) has made the public revelation on Thursday that it has been chosen by CANCOM as its special CCaaS Vendor. Five9 has inked a strategic partnership deal with CANCOM which has gained a reputation as the Digital Transformation Partner. This collaboration brings into line the business of Five9 with one of the leading global technology resellers.

Additionally, this collaboration will also encourage the promise of the FIVN to not only increasing the Five9 partner network but also assist the firm in establishing the footprint in the global market, especially in Europe. CANCOM is employing nearly 4K workers across the USA and Europe. It is best known for its delivery of a broad suite of IT services and assisting the firms in their vision to bring digital revolution.

Furthermore, CANCOM has also garnered a reputation for offering custom-made IT solutions and also assist clients to handle complicated IT problems. CANCOM is also striving to help the firms in their business success by ensuring the successful deployment of sophisticated technology. Its main offerings include Cybersecurity, which is the requirement of day-to-day businesses today, Hybrid IT, plus Enterprise Workplace.

CANCOM is continuously striving to align its business globally, and its collaboration with FIVN will enable them to wrap their Session Initiation Protocol platform around the contact center without difficulty. FIVN also allows the firm to access the solution from anywhere. The expertise of CANCOM is assisting clients in the digital revolution and the leadership in the CCaaS space of FIVN when combine it will offer complete, broad, and award endearing solutions that will allow them to reimagine their client service and practice it as a benefit in their digital future.

CANCOM is intending to increase the contact center aspect of their business by completely leveraging the flexibility and scalability of the FIVN Intelligent Cloud Contact Centre to offer a simple and superior experience for both the agents and businesses. The key aspect of FIVN which attracted CANCOM is the broad combination with the wider integrated communication and teamwork space.