CleanSpark, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLSK) disclosed that it has obtained an extra 2,500 ASIC mining rigs which the firm will deliver. The firm is anticipated to offer a projected 218 PH/s of Bitcoin mining hash rate capacity. CLSK has anticipated that miners will be distributed and instantly installed throughout June and July 2021.

The shipment dates of the miners are matched with the projected execution of energy and infrastructure projects of the firm that will offer an extra 30 MW of electricity to the site at a rate of $0.0285/kwh. This order, along with the firm current mining fleet, is likely to bring the firm’s total hash rate up to an anticipated 533 PH/s.

CleanSpark anticipates making further orders in the coming weeks to obtain up to an extra 800 PH/s of mining equipment. The firm has created a network of dealers and providers on the exterior of the conventional production supply chain to obtain these extra miners for implementation as the firm’s energy infrastructure boosts become accessible.

CLSK’s main objective is to manage the lowest-energy-cost Bitcoin mining services on a grand scale in the country. The firm anticipates achieving this not only by acquiring beneficial power buying deals but also by utilizing its propriety energy solutions. Shares of CleanSpark went up 7.59% at $30.62 at the time of writing on Tuesday. The firm has recorded a trading volume of 792.11K as compared to the average volume of 3.22 million.