Caleres, Inc. (NYSE: CAL) brand Famous Footwear will urge customers to consider rounding up their purchase total to back the Gateway Arch Park Foundation during National Park Week and Earth Day, which was declared today by Mike Edwards, president of Famous Footwear. Customers of Famous Footwear will be able to rally at any of the almost 900 stores around the country, as well as online. A digital and social media strategy will be used to assist the campaign.

The Gateway Arch Park Foundation was established in 2009 to maintain and organize Arch's connection to the Old Courthouse and downtown St. Louis. Today, the Foundation serves as the park's conservancy and official philanthropy partner, assisting with park conservation, preservation, education, and community programming.

The Gateway Arch Park Foundation does an outstanding job of ensuring that the Gateway Arch, its grounds, and nearby public space and attractions remain a welcoming and well-supported resource for its neighborhood, tourists, and country for years to come. From supplying more sustainable items to its packing and shipping efforts, this initiative is a nice complement to its ongoing eco-conscious endeavors as it looks to create a more environmentally friendly future.

The Gateway Arch Park Foundation's executive director, Ryan McClure, said, "We're grateful to Famous Footwear for this significant cooperation that supports our aim to conserve and keep our park thriving." "And what better to put in your new sneakers than a national park? We want to see everyone on the park grounds visiting our 91 acres of urban oasis and recognizing the amazing benefits that national parks provide to communities around the country."