Caesarstone Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSTE) disclosed the acquisition of Omicron Granite & Tile. Omicron Granite & Tile is a leading provider of stone that runs nearly 17 locations across Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Louisiana.

This is the second acquisition of Caesarstone Ltd in the past several months. After acquiring Omicron, CSTE is now able to strengthen its position in the global market. Omicron improves the current network of Caesarstone’s with strategically situated supply centers across the whole beneficial U.S. markets.

The firm deemed this deal as an opportunity to speed up its global growth. The addition of Omicron Granite & Tile will increase the customer reach of CSTE and aid the company in securing extra market share in multiple desirable U.S. regions.

Caesarstone Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSTE) shares traded up 2.45% during the trading session of Tuesday. In the past 52-weeks of trading, this firm share fluctuated between the 52-weeks low range of $7.65 and a high range of $15.86. It has moved up 69.15% from its 52-weeks low and moved down to -18.41% from its 52-weeks high. CSTE has a total market capitalization of $441.00 Million.

Looking at its profitability, it has a return on assets, investment, and equity of 1.30%, 3.70%, and 1.90%. Its Gross Margin is 27.00%, Profit Margin is 1.90%, and Operating Margin is 3.10%. Turing our focus on its liquidity, it has a current ratio of 3.40 and a quick ratio of 2.20.

Looking at the financial consideration of this deal, Caesarstone Ltd. has bought the Omicron Granite & Tile for an enterprise value of nearly $27 million. It also includes nearly $6 million of net debt.