A group of blockchain and machine learning professionals has joined hands to design the next-generation AI-assisted custom non-fungible tokens (NFTs) platform in the wake of their widespread adoption across many industries. The new project is combining artificial intelligence (AI) with NFTs to take digital art to the next frontier.

The new platform has been named Orama which will allow users to create AI-assisted custom NFT, cross-chain integration, secondary ecosystem, and more. Orama promotes itself as the "future of NFT", a platform that creates unique, interesting, and high-quality artworks coined as NFT. Orama's advanced AI technologies, GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) and CAN (Cognitive Adversarial Network), intend to change the NFT business.

Orama Offerings

Furthermore, Orama is being built to provide a digital environment suitable to the metaverse concept's further development. Starting with NFTs, the team hopes to use the platform to introduce people to the metaverse concept. The team has created a large built-in reference library that enables it to construct art collections that are then minted as NFTs. The best part is that ownerships can be freely sold and licensed on the engine's chain or through cross-chain transactions.