Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM) which has earned recognition as the next generation, insured, asset-backed cryptocurrency ready to modernize digital transactions disclosed that it has acquired in collaboration with three-time Grammy-nominated recording artist Quavo of Migos.

Cyber Yachts will comprise NFT collections equaling 888 extraordinary yachts. It will be exclusively presented on the UnicoNFT marketplace for sale in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Latinum. the Quavo branded Cyber Yachts are included in the collections. The company confirmed that after the acquisition cyber yacht NFT's will come with pragmatic bonuses. It includes access to Miami yacht parties and more.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Latinum commenced a collaboration with A-list musical artist Quavo, of Migos, to co-brand the Cyber Yachts NFT collections. In addition, Unico, in collaboration with Bitcoin Latinum, introduced an NFT marketplace called UnicoNFT that includes thousands of digital artworks that can be purchased and sold particularly with Bitcoin (BTC) and LTNM) will include the new collections of Quavo-branded Cyber Yachts.

About Bitcoin Latinum

In addition, Bitcoin Latinum is an open-architecture cryptocurrency that can handle high transaction volumes, safety, and digital asset management. Monsoon Blockchain Corporation has developed Bitcoin Latinum, which is purely based on the Bitcoin ecosystem. LTNM is a greener, quicker, and safer version of Bitcoin that has the potential to change the way people transact online.

Moreover, LTNM is guaranteed and supported by both digital and real assets, unlike other crypto assets. Its asset underpinning is maintained in a fund model, which means that the value of the underlying asset grows over time. It stimulates the growth of asset-backed funds by reinvesting 80% of transaction fees in the asset fund that supports the currency.