Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: BW) disclosed that its B&W Environmental segment has been granted a contract for around $13 million to design and supply equipment to cut the environmental impact of ash at a U.S. power plant. The SGC system from B&W Environmental earned recognition as a heavy-duty, versatile system for efficient bottom ash delivery and drainage. For excellent ash handling, its unique, verified technology simplifies deployment and operation.

As per the contract, B&W Environmental will design, construct, and deliver an advanced Allen-Sherman-Hoff submerged grind conveyor (SGC) ash-handling system and supporting equipment as an upgrade to the plant's current ash slurry system to fulfill zero-discharge bottom ash removal standards.

Furthermore, the submerged grind conveyor from B&W Environmental is lighter and more adaptable than traditional chain conveyors, can be adapted to each plant design, and is highly helpful in supporting plant workers to minimize their operations' environmental impact. B&W is well committed to making a broad range of environmental technology for utilities and industry, as well as renewable energy solutions to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, as many of its clients embrace the shift to cleaner, lower-emissions power generation.

Previously, B&W’s B&W Renewable business segment has received a contract for around $22 million to design and supply sophisticated waste-to-energy technology to support a power producer in Asia cut its dependence on coal and also minimizes the amount of waste sent to landfills.