Arco Platform Limited (NASDAQ: ARCE) revealed that it has bought an educational solution that helps students to get enrollment in the best universities in Brazil. The firm has purchased Me Salva! Brazil-based education and training firm disclosed that this addition of Me Salva! Will further provide tutoring and test preparation opportunities.

Furthermore, this acquisition will enable Arco Platform to offer the best solutions to students who attend public schools at a reasonable price. The student in the public sector is always away from the various opportunities as compared to the private sector’s students in Brazil. But the decision of Arco Platform is the greatest opportunity for the public sector’s students.

Me Salva! was established in 2011 and since its inception, it aimed to assist students to improve their ENEM scores and to offer the opportunity to get an education from the best universities. Students will be able to get access to the recorded and live video classes, complete exercises, essay writing tools, evaluation tests, 1-on-1 training, and customized study plans.

Moreover, it has been disclosed that in 2020 nearly 900K students get help from Me Salva! The firm has disclosed that between 2016 and 2020 its revenue increases 36% per year. Me Salva! The team is also delighted to join the Arco Platform. Furthermore, this deal grows the additional solutions portfolio of Arco to exam preparation and education. The rationale behind this deal is that by utilizing the resources of Arco, Me Salva! will speed up its growth.