Alphabet Inc.’s [NASDAQ: GOOGL] Google will not be able to stop the lawsuit against the firm which stated that Google is secretly getting data of the user even if they are in Incognito mode to keep their browsing history private.

The users who started the lawsuit against the tech giant stated that even after disallowing the data collection in chrome, other Google tools that are used by websites end up collecting their data. A federal judge on Friday rejected the Alphabet Inc. unit’s original request to terminate the case.

The judge stated in the ruling that Google didn’t inform its users that it will collect their personal information even if the user is in Incognito mode.  The decision of the judge came after Google and Alphabet Inc has faced the pressure of lawmakers because of their data collecting steps without informing users.

Three users of Google have filed a lawsuit against the firm and stated that Google is engaged in illegal data collection activates. The firm is collecting data of the users if they turned on the private mode to keep their personal information safe. The complaint also stated that Google has complete information about its users.

“Google knows who your friends are, what your hobbies are, what you like to eat, what movies you watch, where and when you like to shop, what your favorite vacation destinations are, what your favorite color is,” the complaint added. Google claimed the complainants agreed to its privacy policy, which the firm said unambiguously reveals its data collection procedures.