Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADN) confirmed that it has inked a technology assessment, sales, and development agreement with Hyundai Motor Company (Hyundai). Hyundai has earned a reputation as a prominent multinational automotive manufacturer providing a range of world-class vehicles and mobility services in over 200 countries.

The companies have disclosed that after the first part of the project is completed, the firms will work closely together to define specific product needs, joint product goals, and milestones for attaining agreed aims for phase 2, which will utilize Advent's stack cooling technology. Furthermore, compared to the existing low-temperature PEM technology, which is limited to an operating temperature of below 100oC, Advent MEAs function at a high temperature (80oC to 240oC).

The ability to work at a high temperature has several benefits, including effective heat removal in heavy-duty mobility applications, making Advent's high-temperature PEM a perfect technology for vehicles, aviation, and marine applications. Fuels like as impure hydrogen, which can be converted on board from methanol, natural gas, and other renewable fuels can be used with Advent's MEAs. Extreme temperature changes, humidity, and air quality conditions are not a problem for Advent's MEAs.

In addition, Advent and Hyundai hope to use fuel cell technology to bring green energy solutions to present high-carbon applications. Hyundai will provide catalysts to Advent for testing in its proprietary Membrane Electrode Assemblies under the terms of the agreement (MEAs). Advent intends to support Hyundai in fulfilling its fuel cell project needs, through developing inks and structures using IFAT catalysts, which will then be evaluated by IFAT.