VANCOUVER, British Columbia, October 31, 2019 – Shares of Alio Gold Inc. (NYSE: ALO) inclined 2.00% to $0.61. The stock traded total volume of 97.357K shares lower than the average volume of 165.06K shares.

For Q2 2019, Alio Gold Inc. (TSX, NYSE AMERICAN: ALO) reported metal revenues of $28.50M, this compares to Q2 2018 metal revenues of $26.20M. Increased revenues were the result of the addition of the Florida Canyon Mine production.

Production costs, which comprise the full cost of operations excluding depreciation and depletion, form a component of cost of sales and for Q2 2019 were $25.90M. This compares to Q2 2018 production costs of $20.70M. The increase was primarily as a result of the mining costs associated with Florida Canyon.

Depletion and depreciation costs for Q2 2019 were $2.40M, this compares to Q2 2018 depletion and depreciation costs of $1.20M. The increase was a result of the costs associated with Florida Canyon.

Net loss for the Company for Q2 2019 was $3.80M. This compares to net earnings of $3.30M in Q2 2018. The decrease was primarily a result of lower earnings from operations.

Cash and cash equivalents at June 30, 2019, were $17.50M. During the second quarter, cash used in operating activities was $0.40M. The Company invested $0.10M at the San Francisco Mine, $0.40M at the Florida Canyon Mine and $0.30M at the Ana Paula Project. Net working capital at June 30, 2019, was $60.80M.

ALO has the market capitalization of $51.84M and its EPS growth ratio for the past five years was -24.14%. Price to sales ratio was 0.45 while 31.93% of the stock was owned by institutional investors.