IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ) has seen some recent action in the stock market and its common shares closed trading at $16.13 yesterday. Traders are starting to take interest of IROQ as the common shares traded as high as $16.13 and as low as $16.08 in the previous market session.

IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ) average trading volume is 1.79K. However, in the previous market session IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ) exchanged 135 shares. The First downside support level on IROQ is $15.16 and the First resistance level on IROQ is $24.05. IROQ fifty day moving average is $16.37 and IROQ 200 day moving average is $16.97.

IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ) most current performance has been indicated by the recent movement in IROQ common shares. IROQ has performed -3.95% over the past month, IROQ has performed -1.43% over the past 90 days and IROQ has shown -21.59% over the past 12 months. IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ) has a 12 month range of $15.07 to $24.05. IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ) is trading 4.86% from its 12 month low and -34.30% from its 12 month high. IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ) is indicating a 0.07% short float indicating the amount short in the float.

IROQ has 3.04M shares outstanding and 2.15M shares in the float. IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ) presently has a market cap of $51.51M and income of 4.20M. . The market cap of IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ) at $51.51M signifies how many Traders own shares of IROQ and is calculated off the last price ($16.13) of IROQ and the amount of shares outstanding (3.04M) with IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ).

IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ) has total cash (mrq) of 33.47M, total cash per share (mrq) of 11.06, total debt of IROQ rests at 41.24M. IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ) .

IROQ is trading -2.76% below (bearish) its SMA20, -4.76% below (bearish) its SMA50 and -19.62% below (bearish) its SMA200.