MFA Financial, Inc. (MFA) has seen some recent movement in the stock market and its stock finished trading at $1.5800 yesterday. Investors are starting to take notice of MFA as the stock traded as high as $1.5900 and as low as $1.3300 in the last market trading session.

MFA Financial, Inc. (MFA) average trading volume is 33.71M. However, in the last market trading session MFA Financial, Inc. (MFA) exchanged 18,956,996 shares. The 1st support level on MFA is $1.08 and the 1st resistance level on MFA is $7.78. MFA fifty day moving average is $1.5934 and MFA 200day moving average is $5.8886.

MFA Financial, Inc. (MFA) most recent performance has been shown by the recent movement in MFA stock. MFA has performed -5.39% over the past month, MFA has performed -79.64% over the past 90 days and MFA has shown -78.33% over the past year. MFA Financial, Inc. (MFA) has a 52 week range of $0.3200 to $8.0900. MFA Financial, Inc. (MFA) is trading 393.75% from its 52 week low and -80.47% from its 52 week high. MFA Financial, Inc. (MFA) is displaying a 6.68% short float displaying the quantity short in the float.

MFA has 451.97M shares outstanding and 450.39M shares in the float. MFA Financial, Inc. (MFA) currently has a market cap of $714.10M and income of $362.00M. The EPS next quarter for MFA is 0.14 and forecasted EPS net year is 4.48%. The market cap of MFA Financial, Inc. (MFA) at $714.10M represents how many Investors own shares of MFA and is calculated off the last price ($1.5800) of MFA and the quantity of shares outstanding (451.97M) with MFA Financial, Inc. (MFA).

MFA Financial, Inc. (MFA) has total cash (mrq) of 70.63M, total cash per share (mrq) of 0.16, total debt of MFA rests at 10.03B and total debt/equity (mrq) is 296.45. MFA Financial, Inc. (MFA) running cash flow (ttm) is 215.78M.

MFA is trading -4.39% below (bearish) its SMA20, -41.40% below (bearish) its SMA50 and -75.13% below (bearish) its SMA200.

Recent News:

In recent news, on April 27, 2020, it was announced, MFA Financial, Inc. Announces Extended Forbearance and Provides Company Update. In this news it stated, MFA Financial, Inc. (NYSE: MFA) (the “Company”) announced today that it has entered into a second Forbearance Agreement with certain counterparties to its various repurchase agreement financing arrangements and provided additional Company updates. During the period covered by the Second Forbearance Agreement, the Company intends to continue to explore other potential transactions to further reduce its obligations under its existing repurchase agreements, source financing that is generally more durable than existing funding alternatives and raise cash to bolster its liquidity. In addition, the Company will continue to engage in discussions with its counterparties for further forbearance as and if needed.