Summit State Bank (SSBI) has seen some recent activity in the marketplace and its shares closed trading at $10.07 yesterday. Traders are starting to take notice of SSBI as the shares traded as high as $10.40 and as low as $9.71 in the prior trading session.

Summit State Bank (SSBI) average trading volume is 7.00K. However, in the prior trading session Summit State Bank (SSBI) traded 43,532 shares. The first downside support level on SSBI is $9.79 and the first upside resistance level on SSBI is $12.74. SSBI 50 day moving average is $8.29 and SSBI 200-day moving average is $11.10.

Summit State Bank (SSBI) recent performance has been specified by the recent movement in SSBI shares. SSBI has performed 27.55% over the past 30 days, SSBI has performed -22.11% over the past quarter and SSBI has shown -12.35% over the past 12 months. Summit State Bank (SSBI) has a 1 year range of $6.50 to $13.21. Summit State Bank (SSBI) is trading 55.08% from its 1 year low and -23.69% from its 1 year high. Summit State Bank (SSBI) is displaying a 0.06% short float displaying the quantity short in the float.

SSBI has 5.88M shares outstanding and 4.93M shares in the float. Summit State Bank (SSBI) presently has a market cap of $59.27M and income of $7.50M. The market cap of Summit State Bank (SSBI) at $59.27M represents how many Traders own shares of SSBI and is calculated off the last price ($10.07) of SSBI and the quantity of shares outstanding (5.88M) with Summit State Bank (SSBI).

Summit State Bank (SSBI) has total cash (mrq) of 36.49M, total cash per share (mrq) of 6.01, total debt of SSBI is at 75.17M. SSBI is trading 14.80% above (bullish) its SMA20, 18.33% above (bullish) its SMA50 and -11.24% below (bearish) its SMA200.

Recent News:

In recent news, on April 28, 2020, Change in Leadership at Summit State Bank; James Brush retires, and Brian Reed succeeds as President and CEO. In this news it stated, Summit State Bank (SSBI) President and CEO, James Brush confirmed his retirement at today’s Board of Director’s Meeting.  Brush assumed the role of President and CEO in April of 2016 and has led the Bank through its recent growth and staff expansion. He has served on the Bank’s Board of Directors since 2009 and will remain on the Board and continue to be active in Sonoma County, where he resides.

About Summit State Bank (SSBI):

SUMMIT STATE BANK has total assets of $334 million and total equity of $48 million at March 31, 2008. The Bank provides diverse financial products and services which are marketed throughout Sonoma County, California and surrounding areas, with offices located in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma and Windsor. Summit State Bank stock is traded on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol SSBI.