Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: BLPH) was a top gainer in yesterday’s trading session. The stock rallied to reverse several months of losses, and close the day with gains of 163.37%. This came after the company announced positive topline data on acute, intra-patient, dose increase in the PHPF-002 study of INOpulse in treating pulmonary hypertension that is linked to Pulmonary Fibrosis.

The results showed that, acute treatment done with INOpulse offered statistical improvements in hemodynamic parameters. Some of the improvements include pulmonary vascular resistance, which dropped by 21%, with improved benefit on dosage increase from Ino30 to iNO4. There was an improvement in pulmonary artery pressure, which reduced by 12%. On top of that, the company reported that iNO had good tolerance levels, and that, no safety concerns were reported on all doses.

The company also reported that, the acute hemodynamic improvements that were noted on INO and the improvement at INO45 had a positive correlation with the chronic benefits that were reported in Phase 2 in the currently ongoing phase 2/3 Ino-PF study.

During phase 2 of the INO-PF study, the test subjects who were on INO30 and INO45 engaged in MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity). This included yard work, walking, and similar activities. The test subjects showed an improvement in health, while the health of the placebo subjects got worse.

Commenting on these developments, CEO Fabian Tenenbaum stated that, the benefits of the company’s many phase 2-studies supported INOpulse as a potential therapy for people suffering from PH-PF.  He added that, they were looking forward to further check the benefits of INOpulse in the company’s upcoming phase 3 study.

From its price action, the stock opened the day at $6.32. It then traded between a low of $5.45 and a high of $11.98, before closing the day at $9.21. Volumes in the day stood at 23.68 million.

About Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc

Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc is a therapeutics company focused on developing treatments for cardiopulmonary diseases. It is based in Warren, New Jersey.