BOQI International Medical Inc (NASDAQ: BIMI) was one of the top gainers in Friday’s session. This was after the company announced that, it was acting against the coronavirus. It announced that it was in contact with pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers of medical supplies that include N95 masks, rubbing alcohol, surgical masks, and antiviral drugs. Some of the companies that BOQI is in contact with include Sinopharm Group, Jointown Pharmaceutical Liaoning Branch, and CR Pharmaceutical Group Liaoning Branch.

To take care of its growing customer needs and growing demand for medical supplies, the company announced that, all its pharmacies will be open during the Chinese New Year. It further announced that, customers can register as members and check through its products on the company’s Boqi Zhengji online App. The company further announced that, it would give its employees all the information they need on how to protect themselves from contracting the virus. 

Commenting on this move, the CEO Tiewei Song stated that, as a consumer-focused healthcare company, it continues to work on lowering the impact of coronavirus. He added that, through the company’s supply chain, and customer information management, they were in touch with more pharma companies in preparation of the current outbreak and possible future ones. He also added that, the company was working on improving its emergency plan, and give customers high-quality, and affordable products.

Looking at its price action, the company is up by 72.32%. It opened the day at $3.10 and traded between a low of $3, and a high of $5.58, before closing the day at $4.98. Volumes in the day stood at 7.03 million.

About BOQI International Medical Inc

BOQI International Medical Inc is a Chinese company with a focus on the healthcare market.  It has more than 300 retail locations, and more than 30k members.