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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Xperi (NASDAQ: XPER) and ARD Join Forces to Deliver the Dashboard of the Future

Xperi Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: XPER) and ARD confirmed that they both have joined forces. As per the partnership, ARD broadcasters will be integrated into DTS AutoStage which is the first global, in-vehicle hybrid radio platform to be commercialized around the globe. The DTS AutoStage ecosystem will be free of charge for ARD’s public broadcasting stations, which reach more than 52 million people and account for more than 74% of all radio listening in Germany.

The ARD/DTS AutoStage combination delivers all ARD broadcaster metadata in the vehicle dashboard in a smooth, precise, and systematic way, with the additional benefit that stations may manage their services, station information, and streams all in one spot. The ARD and DTS AutoStage technologies help broadcasters guarantee security, stability, and data interoperability with automobile manufacturers.

Furthermore, with vivid and immersive visuals, station logos, songs, full artist, and album information, and more, DTS AutoStage boosts consumer content engagement while making broadcasters’ material more personalized and easier to find. When the car drives out of broadcast range, DTS AutoStage allows for ongoing station listening from local broadcast stations.

DTS AutoStage, DTS AutoSense, and HD Radio are among the Xperi automotive technologies that seek to improve the in-vehicle experience. DTS AutoSense is a set of edge-based occupancy and driver monitoring solutions. HD Radio is the most widely used commercial digital radio system in the world, with over 85 million vehicles equipped with the technology.

Additionally, the DTS AutoStage technology was created specifically to serve radio broadcasters all around the world. DTS AutoStage provides unique competence in content management, delivery, and content use compliance, and is currently available in 60 countries. DTS AutoStage has received ISO 9001 certification.

DTS AutoStage’s expansion into mass-market automobiles continues with its agreement with ARD. BBC, Bauer, Cumulus, Global Radio, NPO, Audacy, Beasley, Cox Media, radiko, Radio Maria, FM World, and many others have already signed content collaborations with DTS AutoStage.

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